Helps Me Perform Better


Thank you again for working with me on the BREATHE System. As a musician and a teacher, I find not only do your techniques help me relax, but they help me perform better. I must make a conscious effort to keep good posture and focus my breathing in tense situations, but I always feel more confident when I do it.

I have also used your techniques during after school Steel Drum Band rehearsals. The elementary students I work with have a relatively short attention span and are usually very tired and unfocused at the end of the school day. I use the BREATHE techniques often throughout the rehearsal to help the children relax and focus. When the students become frustrated or when they let their attention wander, I have everyone (including myself) BREATHE. This immediately helps students focus their attention. We have a much more efficient and effective rehearsal when the children are focused.

Thank you for your insight.

Amy Smith
Music Teacher and Band Director at Black Fox Elementary
Murfreesboro, TN